Browser information

User-AgentCCBot/2.0 (
Capabilitiesmore information about Add-Ons/Plugins and other capabilities
HTTP Connectionmore information about your HTTP connection
IE9 ScreenshotsScreenshots of functionality samples


Browser tests

Forms Testfollow link and submit to test if the browser submits form fields correctly
Link Teststests if opening links in new windows by several means works
Session Testchecks if session cookies work (necessary for logins to most sites)
Cookie Test checks if permanent cookies work (necessary for remembering of logins and other data longer than one visit to most sites)
Auto Login/Auto Complete Test special version of the test above, simulates logins with "auto login" and auto-complete
Windows Live ID™ Test checks if you can sign in to a Live ID site
Long-time Cookie Test slightly changed version of auto-login test that can store cookies for years (read usage scenario)
Download Testsimple test download file in zip format
Advanced testing
HTTP Status Codesforce 3xx or 5xx HTTP status codes


External test pages

Eric Lawrence's Password Autocomplete test tests password form submission via three different methods Java and Javascript test, links to other tests, good information about Java and how to install it correctly and maintain safety



Eric Lawrence's IERememberPassword flushes all password entries for a certain URL (this also resets if you once said "no" for a specific site!)



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