Permanent Cookie Test

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Permanent Cookie Test

This is a slightly changed version of my Auto-Login Test page. You can set a cookie that will be stored for 0 - 1000 days. You can for instance store the cookie for 1 year (default) and then come back months later and check if it is still stored. All of this is stored on your PC. Nothing is stored here. If you set a cookie and you come back before the expiry time and we can't recognize you, this cookie has been lost (deleted on your PC).

The URL of this page is:

Usage scenario

You can use this test to find out if an auto-login or other "permanent" feature at a site stopped working because of a problem on their side or a problem on your side. e.g. if your search preferences for Google get lost one day you can come here and check if we can still remember you (before the expiry time!). If we can remember you the search preferences were lost because of a problem at Google. If we can't remember you it's likely that the same cause that wiped our cookie also wiped Google's cookie on your browser. You can then investigate why the cookie was deleted.


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