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Auto-Login Test

This page checks if cookies can be used to remember your login/password so a site can log you in automatically. It sets a cookie that expires after two days, so if you come back tomorrow, we should still be able to "log you in". Well, we don't really log you in, we just check if we could and display the remembered data. If we cannot remember you we show the login form.

If you want to check tomorrow or later use this URL:

Auto-Complete Test

This form can also be used to test if User/Password Auto-Complete works. To do so, first login. When you submit IE should ask if you want to store the password. Click "yes". If you don't get this question there's already something wrong at this stage. Tell this information in the newsgroup or from wherever you were sent to this test. If you get this question, go on. On the next page click "Check". On the following page click "click here" (which stops auto login). This logs you out and brings you back to the login form. You can now test, whether your username and password got remembered. Double-click in the Username field and select your username by clicking once on it. This should fill in the Username and the (disguised) Password. (You can also use cursor down or the first character in the Username field. If you type the Username the Password will only appear if you tab to or click in the Password field.